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The best way to optimize your vision? Optimize your vision benefits...


InsuranceVision benefits can help you get the best vision care - and vision wear - to meet your individual needs. They are an important factor in making your healthy sight a priority for today as well as tomorrow.

Make the most of your vision plan:

Understand your plan. Visit your plan's website or schedule time with your HR professional so you can understand what type of coverage you have. Some plans (often called copay/allowance plans) offer a fixed dollar amount of coverage for eye exams and eyewear. The remainder of the cost is paid by you. Other plans (often called discount plans) cover eye exams fully, and offer a flat discount on eyewear, so you'll receive a certain percent off your total purchase.

Use your vision benefits. Most plans allow yearly eye exams, but many people get busy and forget to schedule their appointment. Don't pass up this opportunity to receive professional feedback and critical information on optimizing your healthy sight. Eye exams also provide insight into your overall health, since many diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes can be detected by your eye doctor. If the doctor doesn't find a change in your prescription, you can use your eyewear benefits to get a second pair of eyeglasses - perhaps sunwear or for sports or computer use. You have worked hard for your vision coverage and are entitled to take advantage of the benefits provided by your plan.

Know that you have flexibility
. Even if a particular frame or a lens option is not fully covered by your plan, you can still select it. Our optician can help you find the best way to apply your vision benefits as a discount to your final purchase, letting you upgrade to the high-quality eyewear with the options that you need, at a fraction of the cost.

Keep your medical coverage in mind. Some vision benefits are wrapped into medical plans, but often require filling out paperwork and sending it in along with a receipt on your eyewear purchase. Read medical benefits carefully, so you don't overlook this potential coverage.

Use or lose flex spending dollars
. Your flexible spending account can be used for vision care (eye exams) and vision wear (lenses and frames). If you still have money in your account and need to use it by the end of the year, get that eye exam you've been putting off, or consider purchasing a second pair of eyewear.

Because insurance and billing is often confusing, we want to help minimize any problems you may experience regarding payment from your insurance company for your services. There are many insurance companies that offer vision benefits; we recognize the need to inform you of our insurance policies.

Dr. Shiela K. Bogart and Dr. Bruce R. Smith accept the following insurance plans:




· Medicare Part B

· Vision Care Plan

If you have an insurance plan listed above:

Our staff will collect any applicable co-payments and charges for non-covered services from you at the time of service.  We will file a claim for services to your insurance company and expect to be reimbursed directly by your insurance company.  Please be aware that payment from your insurance company cannot be guaranteed, and benefits are not determined until your claim is processed. You will be financially responsible for any claim not paid by your insurance company. 

If you have an insurance plan not listed above:

If you have insurance benefits provided by a company not listed above, we will provide you with a detailed printed statement that you can use to file a claim with your insurance company, but your balance must be paid in full at the time of service.  When your claim is processed, reimbursement will be sent directly to you. 

The above list was developed based on insurance companies our doctors are contracted with. We realize that you may have an insurance that we accepted previously that is no longer on the above list.  We apologize for any inconveniences you may experience due to this, but thank you for your understanding.  While there is no guarantee, many plans provide out-of-network benefits to their subscribers.




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